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Power Assist Systems

Hydraulic Pump Power Assist System
Hydraulic Pump Power Assist System

Goldline International Equipment Manufacture LLC builds each power system with pneumatic, nitrogen, or hydraulic assist according to each project requirements.

Goldline's Auto-cad department will design a specific power system that meets or exceeds any engineering requirement. After Goldline International has designed the system, then if required, a independent P.E. Stamp can be furnished. This saves time and money in bringing a Goldline Power System into operation.

Goldline's Power assist systems include:

  • check mark Double Hoop Safety Cages can be pneumatically lifted to clear the rail car envelope
  • check mark Powered Extendable Base for when rail car crash box change in height and width
  • check mark Bottom push and powered top pull systems to make "Safe-Walk" operations in all weather safer and easier on personal
  • check mark Goldline has many options with our Power Assist Systems

Bottom Push Triple Hoop Safety Cage for ISO Truck - video :50

Double Top Pull Safety Cage for Rail Car - video :30

This Power Assist Double Hoop Safety Cage is used when the platform height is too low to clear the railcar envelope.

The Single Bottom Push Cylinder can be: Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Nitrogen.

We can design a Power Assist System to meet your needs.

Safety Cage and Bridge

Pneumatic options provide more choices

Power assisted safety cage with fold down panel - video :39

Safety Cage and Bridge
Safety Cage and Bridge
Safety Cage and Bridge
Safety Cage and Bridge
Safety Cage and Bridge
Safety Cage and Bridge


Time is the best inventor for vetting any project plan. Goldline's design team can make your Power System perform for years to come.

Counting the years of experience in Goldline's AutoCAD design team, we bring to the table well over 40 years of design experience in Power assist systems.

While moving product or personnel safely, Goldline's Power systems make the job easier and safer.

If you would like for us to visit your facility, anywhere in the USA, generally, Goldline International site visits are free of charge.

We take pride that our products are 100% American made.

Options available on all "Safe-Walk" Units

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