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Goldline "Safe-Walk" Systems

Options available on all "Safe-Walk" Units

Safety Cages "Safe-Walk" Grip Strut Walkways Flip-Hand Rails
"Safe-Walk" Series 1000

Bridges with extensions

Bridges with extensions

Bridges with extension: for use when the vehicle being accessed is near the same elevation as the loading rack platform and when the distance between the loading rack platform and the vehicle varies.

Bridges with extensions »
"Safe-Walk" Series 2000

Self-leveling stairs

Self-leveling stairs

Self-leveling stairs: for use when there is a difference between the loading rack platform height and the height of the vehicle being accessed.

Self-leveling stairs »
"Safe-Walk" Series 3000

Ramps (without extensions)


Ramps are used when height of the vehicle does not change or the width out to the vehicle does not change.

Walk access fixed height and width.

Ramps »

Extendable Base

Safe-Walk with Extendable Base

Pushes out or pulls back when "Safe-Walk" is too short or long.

The "Safe-Walk" Extendable Base meets height requirement with Goldline's Self Leveling Stairs.

Extendable Base »

Power Assist Systems

Safety cage with Safe-Walk bridge

Goldline International Equipment Manufacture LLC builds each power system with pneumatic, nitrogen, or hydraulic assist according to each project requirements.

Power Assist Systems »

Service and Maintenance

Goldline crew make repair on gangway

Goldline "Safe-Walk" units are easy to service and maintain.

We also repair nautical gangways.

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