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Small Mobile Loading Rack Platforms

The Goldline Mobile Rack is designed to be a Portable Mobile Loading station for access to all types of vehicles.

The small Mobile Loading units can be moved by hand. The heavy duty Mobile Loading Racks can be moved with a truck or similar vehicle.

Tow bars are used to move larger and small Mobile units.

A variety of Goldline "Safe-walk" units and Safety Cages can be used with these mobile units.

Small Mobile Loading Platforms - Load Test - 1200 pounds

Mobile loading rack platform in lower postion
Small Mobile M.A.P Loading Rack Platform in Lowered Postition

Portable Mobile Safety Rack moved by manpower - video :25
Portable Mobile Safety Rack moved by forklift - video :18

Insert Step & Pull Tow Bar (Double Wheels) by special request - video :16
Locking Bar & Handi-Pump (Double Wheels) by special request - video :57

Removing towbar and lowering bottom step - video :36
Man Pushing Small Mobile Loading M.A.P. Unit - video :08

Small Mobile Personnel Safety Platforms

Goldline's smaller map units are excellent personnel safety platforms and can be moved quickly into any area.

Smaller Mobile M.A.P units can be deployed anywhere but are mainly used in warehouse environments or to access the side of tank trucks. These units are custom built to customer specifications.

Small mobile unit map unit
Small mobile unit map unit

Small mobile loading platform
Small Mobile Loading Platform
Handi-Pump Lift System
Handi-Pump Lift System
Wheel Chock
Wheel Chock
Push Bar Storage Position
Push Bar Storage Position