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Loading Rack Platforms

The Goldline Loading Rack System has been designed and manufactured for many years by Goldline International.

A complete platform that provides fast, safe and economical erection.

Complete erection systems

Type 1 Loading Rack

Type 1 Loading rack system
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Type 2 Loading Rack

Type 2 Loading rack system
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Type 3 Loading Rack

Type 3 Loading rack system
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Type 4 Loading Rack

Type 4 Loading rack system
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Type 3 1/2 Loading Rack

Goldline Type 3 1/2 Loading Racks are designed to access vehicles on one side.

Both Rail Cars and Tank Trucks can be accessed easily and safely.

Drawing of a Type 3 1/2 Loading Rack with a Single Beam Hose Handler.

Custom Loading Rack Design

Goldline has many loading rack options. We can design and build a loading rack to meet your needs.

Loading rack pipe bridge

Goldline "Fast-Erect" Loading Rack Systems

Fast, Safe, Bolt together components available in four types.

The Goldline "Fast-Erect" Loading Rack Systems provide galvanized bolt-together modular components that are safe and simple to assemble without welding or burning in the field. The more frequently used designs have been standardized as "Class A". Those used to meet special conditions are "Class B".

"Class A" and "Class B" Loading Racks can be provided with a complete AutoCAD design package that meets or exceeds the requirements of the geographical area in which the project will be located.

Fast erect loading rack drawing
Goldline "Fast-Erect" Loading Rack System