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Type 3 Loading Rack

Special Deal on a Rail Car or Tank Truck Loading Rack

This is a Phase I Rail Car Loading Rack pictured. Due to Covid-19 reductions, this Phase II of this project was canceled by the customer and this project that was manufactured by Goldline International LLC is built and ready to ship. Brand New (hot dip galvanized).

Technical Information:

  1. Loading Rack is 6'-0" Wide x 206'- 6" Long
  2. Platform height is 12'- 8"
  3. Canopy is 46'-0" Wide x 216'- 6" Long x 28'- 0" High
  4. Canopy has 10'-0" Side Weather Walls
  5. "Safe-Walk" Pneumatically Operated 4'- 0" Wide Units (8 each)
  6. Double Hoop Safety Cages with 16'- 0" ISO Walkways (8 each)
  7. Trolley Beams (8 each)
  8. Quick Ship Program

The Loading Rack is 6'- 0" wide x 206'- 6" long. Platform height is 12'- 8". Canopy is 46'- 0" Wide x 216'- 6" Long. The Loading Rack is set up with four (4) double sided loading positions making a total of eight (8) loading positions.

The "Safe-Walk" Units have 16'- 0" ISO Walkways which will work great on a 26'- 0" center- to- center of rail. This Loading Rack is designed to allow Rail Car access on both sides of the Rack (or Tank Truck).

The "Safe-Walk"s units are Pneumatically Operated. This existing, ready to ship, Loading Rack can be modified to meet customer requirements. This same system could be used as a Tank Truck Loading Rack.

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