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Gangway European Tread
Gangway European Tread
Gangway European Tread
Goldline Beam Style Gangway
Goldline Cleat style gangway
Goldline Beam Style Gangway

We Repair Broken or Damaged Gangways

Goldline Truss Style Gangwayl

This picture shows a long TRUST STYLE Gangway before adding the non-skid coating.


Marine Grade Aluminum * All Welded Construction Aluminum Pipe or Poly-Rope Handrails * Galvanized Steel Dock Rollers * Side Roller Wheel * Boat Bumpers Optional Fold-Down Handrails * Auto-cad designed Top Turn Tables * Available in Lengths from 15 feet to 90 feet, 24" to 28" usable widths * Dock or Ship Mounting Turn Tables available

Rugged all welded aluminum * Available with round edged aluminum cleats or curved treads * Galvanized lifting eyes and dock roller * Gunnel Clips* Tie-off chains * Non-skid deck * All stainless steel hardware * Poly-Rope or aluminum handrails * Available up to 90 feet with 24" or 28" walk area width * Dock or ship mounting accessories are available.


Truss Style Gangway WITH non-skid coating and roller.

Goldline Fixed Nautical Gangway Platform

Ship Deck Pipe Real Mount for Fixed Gangway


Goldline Barge Stair Acces
Goldline Barge Stair Access
Goldline Barge Stair Access
Goldline Nautical Barge Stair Gangway Drawing


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