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Extendable Pneumatic Gangway (Pg. 6)

Extendable Pneumatic Gangway
Extendable Pneumatic Gangway

Goldline International LLC manufactures equipment at our location in Pasadena, Texas. Our equipment proudly Made In The USA. Our equipment is always bolted together and tested before shipping the product to our customer.

Ways that Goldline takes care of our customers:

  • Sending the customer Quote drawings when requested
  • Entering Purchase Order quickly once an order is received a from customer.
  • Sending the customer Approval drawings as needed.
  • Receiving customer approval on projects and quickly moving the order thru the system.
  • Producing shop drawings to cut and fabricate all component parts.
  • Giving all shop drawings to the shop department required for each project.
  • Discussing the shipping schedule that meets the customer’s timeline.
  • Producing a detailed shop schedule on all projects.
  • Ordering materials in a timely fashion.
  • Receiving steel and other component parts for a project.
  • Cutting steel according to the cutting schedule for each specific project.
  • Fitting up component parts according to the shop fabrication drawings.
  • Welding out of all parts and assemblies.
  • Inspecting all welds and connections.
  • Fitting up all component parts to insure proper fabrication and fit.
  • Shipping fabricated items to a local galvanizer.
  • Supplying assembly drawings to the customer.
  • Shipping to the customer in a timely manner.

After galvanizing some equipment is reassembled here at Goldline International. That is the case of the Mobile M.A.P. unit shown below. This equipment is being loaded tested.

Our overall customer service and manufacturing sets Goldline apart as being the best in safety. Our equipment is used in multiple industries. Industries include: refining, petrochemical, food processing and asphalt industry.

In April 2018, Goldline celebrated 45 years in Pasadena, Texas. Goldline is one of the longest lasting Fall Protection advisors in the USA. After decades of service to the Fall Protection industry, we are continuing to improve safety in our equipment and the industry.

Directions to our location:
110 North Shaver
Pasadena, TX. 77506

We are located just South of the Washburn Tunnel on the right hand side of the street 1 ½ blocks before Hwy 225 in Pasadena, Texas.