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Small Mobile M.A.P Loading Rack Unit

The Goldline Mobile Rack is designed to be a Portable Mobile Loading station for access to all types of vehicles. The small Mobile MAP unit can be moved by hand. The heavy duty Mobile Loading Racks can be moved with a truck or similar vehicle. Tow bars are used to move larger and small Mobile units. A variety of Goldline "Safe-walk" units and Safety Cages can be used with these mobile units.

Small Mobile M.A.P. Lowered Postition

Pushed by manpower

Small Mobile M.A.P. - Locking Safety Bar

Locking Safety Bar


Insert Step & Pull Tow Bar (Double Wheels) by special request

Locking Bar & Handi-Pump (Double Wheels) by special request

Tow Push

wheel chock

Wheel Chock

Handi-Pump Lift System


Push Bar Storage  Position


Small Mobile M.A.P. Loading Unit Height (Single Wheels) Standard



Man Pushing Small Mobile Loading M.A.P. Unit