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Gallows Fall Protection

Goldline Gallows Fall Protection System
Goldline Gallows Fall Protection
Tanker Truck Fall Protection Gallows
Gallows Fall Protection Tanker Truck

Goldline Gallows Fall Protection system is rated to meet or exceed a 5000 pound load per person. Goldline's Fall Protection system is designed for personnel to operate safely in a production area. Goldline encourages our customers to use cameras and other security devices to enforce safety requirements. When necessary, Goldline can and does operate with plant safety staff in setting up a training session and enforcement procedures. In the end, Goldline is able to work with our customers in complying with or exceeding OSHA and other local safety codes. Goldline's sales staff is trained to work with plant safety officials in finding and eliminating potential threats in making all work environments as safe as possible. For many plants, the Goldline Gallows Fall Protection system is a good fit. With a rigorous safety program that awards those who wish to remain conscientious of their work environment and remain safe, the Goldline Gallows Fall Protection system gives the operator freedom of movement. Sometimes plants have difficulty enforcing the safety policy of 100% tie off to a Fall Protection system. In that case, Goldline does communicate where enforcement to 100% tie off to an overhead Fall Protection system is not possible 100% of the time—then Goldline has a complete line of safety cages that can be built to individual plant requirements. One thing that must be reviewed before a Goldline Gallows Fall Protection system is used is that Goldline International LLC and OSHA agree that tie off must be no less than 7'-6" or more overhead. This most conservative limit for overhead tie off is meant to allow the Goldline 100% tie off Fall Protection system time to engage and prevent an: incident, injury, or death. Many locations have obstructions preventing a Goldline Gallows Fall Protection system time to engage in a timely manner. Then, Goldline safety cages must then be reviewed in that instance. Goldline stands ready, to visit your location and will do a free site walk through your facility. If you would like for us to visit your facility, anywhere in the USA Goldline International site visits are normally free of charge. We also take pride that our products are 100% American Made.

Goldline Gallows Drawing
Goldline Canopy with Gallows Fall Protection
Goldline Trolley Beam Fall Protection

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