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Goldline Warranty Policy

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To answer any questions you may have about your Goldline Loading Rack System, or the instruction manual.

To instruct your operators in the safe and proper use of your Goldline "Safe-Walk" bridge, self-leveling stairs, or ramps.

To instruct and train your maintenance personal in the proper care of your Goldline Equipment, using the instruction manual as a guide.

To rebuild worn or damaged equipment quickly, with a minimum amount of "down-time."

Goldline International LLC Warranty

Goldline International LLC warrants this product to free from defect in material and workmanship. Except as noted below. this warranty term is twelve (12) months from the date of the delivery of the product to the original purchaser.

Under this warranty Goldline International will repair or replace, as its option, any part which is found to be defective in material or workmanship during the applicable warranty term. In no case will be covered repair cost of a part or parts exceed the replacement cost of that part, Warranty service must be performed by Goldline International or a dealer authorized by Goldline and/or service the product involved, which will use only new or remanufactured parts or components furnished by Goldline International.

This warranty includes approved parts and labor to fix the product but does not include, and the purchaser is responsible for, any service call and/or transportation of the product to and from the dealer's place of business, for any premium charged overtime labor requested by the purchaser, and for any service work not directly related to any defect covered under the warranty.

This warranty includes only those components of the product manufactured by Goldline International. Warranty for any components not manufactured by Goldline International including, but not limited to engines, batteries, tires, rims, hydraulic motors, pumps etc., are covered by the warranty, if any provided separately by their respective manufacturers. This warranty in all its parts, is extended solely to the original purchaser of the product, is terminated upon any subsequent transfer or sale from or by the original purchaser and extends no third party benefits or rights whatsoever. The warranty term for any product used in any commercial, custom for hire or rental application, is limited to (6) six months to the date of delivery of the product to the original purchaser by an authorized Goldline International LLC dealer.

This warranty does not include:
(1) Any product that has been altered or modified in ways not approved by Goldline International;
(2) Depreciation or damage caused by normal wear, misuse, improper or insufficient maintenance, improper operation, accident or failure to follow the product Operator Manual recommendations and product decal recommendations;
(3) Normal maintenance parts and service;
(4) Repairs made with parts other than those available from Goldline International or preformed by anyone other than Goldline International or a dealer authorized by Goldline International to sell and/or service the product involved.

To secure warranty service the purchaser must report defect to a dealer authorized by Goldline International to sell and/or service the product involved within the applicable warranty term together with evidence of the warranty start date and make the product available to that dealer within a reasonable period of time. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION ON THE FACE OF THIS WARRANTY.

Goldline International and the companies affiliated with its makes no warranties, representations, or promises, express or limited, as to the qualify or performance or freedom from defect of its product other than those set forth above and NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS MADE. IN NO EVENT WILL THE DEALER, GOLDLINE INTERNATIONAL OR ANY COMPANY AFFILIATED WITH GOLDLINE INTERNATIONAL WILL BE LIABLE FOR ACCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. The ONLY REMEDY the purchaser has connection with the breach of performance of any warranty on Goldline International products set forth above. The selling dealer has no authority to make any representation or promise on behalf of Goldline International LLC or to modify the terms or limitations of this warranty in any way.