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Goldline Services

Goldline International LLC offers many services for the petrochemical and related industries.

1) Design Goldline's trained sales staff can help you design your special project.
2) AutoCAD Department Goldline International has an outstanding AutoCAD department. With decades of experience with loading systems, Goldline can develop a solution that is just for your project. We can create: new equipment, hydraulics, and air assisted fall protection and much more-to meet your needs.
3) Services Goldline's staff can conduct preventative maintenance surveys to ensure that all our equipment continues to work properly. We can survey for Code Compliance violations to help you prevent accidents and secondary issues from arising.
4) Sales Quotations are free, and once the purchase order has been received we follow up with: approval drawings, reaction loads and anchor bolt layouts.
5) Field Erection Supervision At your request, Goldline can provide an expert field erection advisor to ensure that your project is erected properly.